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The Clarens Trout & Golf Estate

Your round of golf at The Clarens Trout & Golf Estate begins at the stylish clubhouse, strategically positioned to view the finish of both nines, as well as the magnificent Mount Horeb (Setlofe). According to Basotho legend, the mountain Setlofe is a shy maiden, betrothed to the warrior Matsa (Rhebokkop) who jilted her for another. This broke Setlofe's heart and even now, when she thinks about it, she draws her veil around her head and weeps. Thus, when Setlofe is shrouded in cloud, it will soon rain in Clarens. Before you tee off, take time to absorb the setting of the picturesque town and the full 360-degree view of the mountains. All of the 18 holes meander along and across the tranquil river and its splendid series of trout dams, waterfalls and cascades.

The playing surface of the manicured Kikuyu fairways and Bent grass greens is framed by mature Willow and magnificent Lombardi poplar trees, characteristic of the area.

Great care has been taken to ensure that each hole you play will be as memorable, if not more memorable than the previous one, through attention to detail and beauty.

For golf reservations, please call 058 256 1270 or email: golf@theclarens.co.za.


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